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What is executive presence?

I recently listened to an excellent TedX talk from Sylvia Ann Hewlett of Hewlett Consultants that defined and described the elusive term.  Executive presence is not about work performance, it is about how you come across, how you take up space, ability to “command the room,” and entice others to follow you.  According to her talk, there are three main areas of executive presence, in order of importance:


  • Gravitas (confidence, toughness, integrity, emotional intelligence, reputation and authority, vision, engaging personality)
  • Communication (concise, compelling, ability to “read” others, “gift of gab,” body language)
  • Appearance (neat and clean, polished, toned/fit, professional dress, height, energy)

For more information, listen to her TedX talk.  Also, if you would like to know more about your Emotioal Intelligence or Presence, contact me at Linda@orgresources.com




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