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What We Do

Individual Executive Coaching
and Leadership Coaching

We believe in co-active coaching, meaning that we are partners in your leadership journey and development. The client (coachee) is responsible for results; we are here to guide you and facilitate your development. We work directly with you in a safe, highly confidential, and supportive environment. We are leadership experts and provide research, readings, experiences, and knowledge to enhance your learning, as needed. We provide tools that can assist you in your day to day leadership challenges. We uphold the ethical guidelines as stated by the International Coach Federation.

Executives we have worked with walk away with greater power and influence, an ability to use their strengths to enhance their success, build relationship skills, hold their power in a new role, the ability to take risks and achieve goals and a life that is fulfilling and valuable.

My areas of specialty in coaching are as follows:

  • Building executive presence and gravitas
  • Managing and empowering a difficult team
  • Identifying team capabilities
  • Building relationships, navigating politics
  • Working with difficult people
  • Establishing power and credibility in a new leader role
  • Creating an agile organization, managing change
  • Utilizing your time, delegating, holding others accountable

We empower you to live powerfully and purposefully and to achieve your goals as well as live your life fully. We believe our process is insightful, transformative and essential for developing executive leaders. We typically begin with a six month engagement package. We have a team of diverse coaches that we provide to organizations to serve a variety of needs.

Identify Leadership Strengths

We believe that self-knowledge is a springboard for leadership learning and development, and sometimes begin our coaching process with an assessment.

We offer the following assessments:

  • DiSC Profile: Communication style
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) individual and 360: Measures your leadership strengths.  Note: a 360     is feedback from all levels around you, your Supervisor, your peers and your direct reports.
  • EQ-i: Emotional intelligence, how you use your emotions and are able to identify the emotions of others to         assist you in performing in a leadership role.
  • CQ-Intelligence: Change leadership style
  • Hogan Executive Suite: HPI- Personality inventory to measure strengths; HDS-development survey to   
      measure derailers and MVPI to measure your motivators and values.
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI): Measures your conflict style.

    These assessments can be beneficial to you in your own leadership development or to help you to coach and develop someone on your team


    Executive feedback,
    engagement and team building

    They each have their own initiatives and agendas.  However, they work together for the topline initiatives of the organization and must be connected and supportive of each other.  They must learn to handle conflict and differing opinions. They must be agile and be able to be creative and rapidly change.

    Executive leaders hire me to work with their department and teams when they want to increase commitment and connection with their team.  They also have me work with them to identify new strategies and the strengths and opportunities for improvement within their team.  Conduct a review of your leadership strengths and opportunities.

    The services we provide are:

    • Conduct a retreat to take the pulse of where your leaders are today, how are they feeling? (focusing on strategy, leadership or engagement)
    • Conduct a “needs analysis” with customized individual interviews to get a confidential and candid “read” of your leadership success and/or critical issues the organization is facing.
    • Create a leadership competency model for your organization to prepare you for future job requirements and to guide the leadership development of your organization.

    Group Coaching

    Coaching groups, (as distinguished from team coaching which is coaching a project team to provide support or help the team meet its goals) provide a cost-effective way to build leadership skills, and for individuals to gain support and feedback.  Coaching groups consist of eight weeks of leadership sessions and coaching.  Individuals in coaching groups will be given a weekly reading, homework assignments, case studies and individual time to discuss their specific issues related to the topic.  There will be four weeks of leadership development classes, interspersed with coaching and discussion on each week in-between. 

    Coaching groups will be available in the following areas:

    • From Peppermint Patti to Priscilla the Hun: Finding and accessing your personal power
    • Catapulting your Career: Using your Leadership Skills to be a Star at work
    • Mental Toughness: Mindset, Resilience, Grit, and self-efficacy, working through a difficult time
    • Change Leadership: Your change style, how to adapt to rapid change, and how to be a change leader.


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    To help to lead your organization toward developing a culture of openness and a sense of psychological safety and belonging for everyone.

    We assist with the following services:

    • DEI review using a DEI scorecard of Best Practices
    • DEI equity analysis (looking at the demographic composition of your workforce, human resources policies and procedures, job descriptions, compensation and reward systems, etc. )
    • Diversity and Equity Superstar Leadership Academy for high potential people of color and women

    Keynote speaking
    and leadership retreats

    Linda provides keynote speeches and workshops on the following topics:

    S= Speech   W=Workshop

    • Executive Presence for women and people of color (S and W)
    • From Peppermint Patti to Priscilla the Hun: Finding and Accessing Your Personal Power (S and W)
    • Being a Star at Work (W)
    • Working with Difficult People (W)
    • Resilience and Change Agility (S and W)
    • Teambuilding Using your Communication Style (W)