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Source: Hewlett, Sylvia Ann (2014).  “Executive Presence.”

We think that if we work hard and accomplish great things, we will be promoted. However, research shows that performance is only one part of success.  The other part is “executive presence (EP).

Based on an interview with over 500 top executives, EP consists of three things:

  • Gravitas (67%)
  • Communication (28%)
  • Image (5%)

Gravitas can also be called charisma e.g. the space you take up when you enter a room, confidence, ability to make decisions and hold your ground, integrity, emotional intelligence, reputation, and vision.

Some tips to command a room:

  • Hold your head high, look others in the eye, speak loudly and clearly
  • Act as the leader; share your ideas;
  • Don’t just talk; make substantive comments, show up as a leader.
  • Communicate to others silently that you are a leader through your posture, image and contributions.
  • Take an active interest in others. Be a good listener.

Source: Hewlett, Sylvia Ann (2014)  “Executive Presence.” (Harper Collins:  New York).
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