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Do you walk into a meeting and “size up” what is going on?  Do you take the pulse of the room?

Here are some tips to help:

P= What is the purpose of the meeting/event? Is there an agenda? Is it buzzing, somber, joking, nervous?

U=underlying approach, detail oriented or big picture. People or task oriented?

L=Leader (one person talking) or team, people take turns and equally contribute.

S= Slow or fast.  What is the pace of the meeting?

E=Emotions.  How are people looking, feeling?  Are they quiet or talkative? What is the “tone” of the room. What does the “tone” tell you?

To be more effective, mirror the “style” of what is going on.

Question: What do you look for when you enter a meeting?

Learn how to use a DiSC people to read the room or to assess your communication style and the style of others.  Let’s chat at Linda@orgresources.com