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Leadership Assessments

Organizational Leadership Assessment

When workplace conflict exists amongst the leadership team, Dr. Liang has designed customized leadership assessment 360-degree systems including, individual interviews with the leadership team, sharing information, then creating strategic planning sessions to develop the workforce of the future.

She has also conducted individual leadership assessments, assessment centers, developmental exercises, quizzes to measure power and influence and other types of assessments. She believes that when there is a good fit between talent and jobs, and that when people are supported and valued, a high performance culture will be fostered.


Individual Leadership Assessment


We find that many individuals do not reach their full potential at work. The reasons most cited are lack of:


communication skills

leadership skills

emotional intelligence (the ability to use your and others emotions to be more successful at work)

conflict management

collaboration skills (ability to work successfully on a team)

change management (flexibility and agility)


Linda is certified in the following assessments:

DiSC profile, measures leadership communication style

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360-degree assessment, measures leadership competencies

EQi-2.0 360, Emotional Intelligence quotient which measures using the emotional signals of yourself and others to be an effective leader

 Change management and CQ Certified
through Change Catalysts, LLC.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), leadership style.

Power and presence, measures your ability to get what you want

Team assessment for productivity and positivity (Team Coaching International)

Conflict style assessment

Clifton Strengths finder, measures your leadership strengths

Change management assessment tool