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Diversity & Inclusion

Contact Gender issues have come to the forefront within the last few years, with the event of the MeToo# movement and other initiatives.  Racial and cross-cultural awareness and equality are becoming even greater issues, as by 2020 we estimate that over 50% of the workforce will be comprised of non-caucasian ethnic identities.  We promote gender and racial equality, and cultural awareness and equity. Following are the services we offer to impact this essential initiative:


Workforce composition analysis (have you leveled the playing field for women and minorities in your organization?, are they equally represented across all levels of management and leadership?, and are their opportunities for those with top talent to progress through the organization?)

Confidential surveys to identify issues that may create organizational challenges in the future (HR system fairness; organizational climate; sexual harassment; hostile work environment; diversity, equity  & inclusion).

Strategies to level the playing field at your organization.

Building diverse teams

Conflict management


We begin our work with a needs analysis which may consist of a confidential survey, interviews, and/or focus groups. Our approach is customized based on the issue and the culture of the company.

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