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What We Do

The Business Need

Organizations, large and small all around the world are undergoing rapid and disruptive change in this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).  In this time of need, leadership is critical to the reinvention and success of any business moving forward.  Leaders must be quick thinking, visionary, change agents that have the skills, personality and presence to lead their organizations and people, to new, different, and even greater levels of success.  Organizational Resources, LLC, offers six pillars of leadership development, as described below.  We are delighted to discuss these approaches with you further.  Dr. Linda Liang may be reached at Linda@orgresources.com or 847.712.9002.

Individual Coaching for C-suite leaders

Description: Dr. Liang has created a special approach for C-Suite leaders.  She publishes a monthly newsletter on what is new in top leadership, noting all the trends based on research publications and HBR.  Her wisdom, ability to challenge, insight and fun helps leaders to learn their blind spots, utilize their strengths, maximize the use of their time and find overall peace and contentment in their busy day.  She also assists them in developing leadership skills within their team members including assessing and taking risks, power and influence, empowering others and making difficult decisions.  Approaches are customized to suit each leaders organization, leadership style and philosophy, personal values and needs. She has coached C-suite leaders on managing a difficult team, identifying top performers, self-care and many other topics.

How to Pivot in a World of Rapid Change Coaching Group
Beginning Soon!


Are you stuck? Does it seem like you are treading water, barely staying afloat?  My pivot coaching group will help.  Here is an outline of the virtual live course with Dr. Liang:

Program Outline

  • Five virtual live group courses (each one hour and a half) over a two and a half month period
  • Four half hour individual coaching sessions with Dr. Liang
  • Toolkit, an assessment, and other materials to help you to survive and prosper
  • Group limited to five to 10 participants
  • Two and a half month program

Learning Objectives

  • Learn your change leadership style and/or problem-solving style and how to use it to pivot
  • Identify your strengths and how you can use them to pivot
  • Find a path to take care of responsibilities (Physical, Practice and Emotional)
  • Set goals and gain support on what you need to do in the next two months

$1200 value now available for $599.00.
Schedule a conversation with Dr. Liang to find out more, or book now.

Individual or Group Coaching Programs for Middle Managers and aspiring top leaders

Description:  Individuals in organizations seek coaching to identify hidden strengths, become aware of blind spots and/or your emotional intelligence (ability to use your emotions as guideposts and to read the emotions of others).  ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  Samples of individual coaching topics are:


  • Identify and utilizing your leadership strengths
  • Build the 3 C’s: capability, credibility and confidence
  • Self-management for maximum success
  • How to manage conflict and difficult people
  • Managing your emotions for empaths and sensitive people
  • Power, passion, purpose and prosperity
  • Showcasing skills for Introvert Leaders

“Lunch and Learn” Webinars and/or half to full day workshops

Description:  To enhance organizational leadership development by offering “quick” lunch and learn virtual webinars in easily accessible, cost-effective, interactive, webinars for 60-90 minutes.  Following are suggested leadership topics:


  • From Peppermint Patti to Priscilla the Hun: Finding and Accessing Your Personal Power (assessment included)
  • Executive Presence
  • Communicating for Influence and Impact (assessment included)
  • Change leadership (includes assessment)
  • The Power of Introvert Leaders
  • Credibility
  • Resilience
  • Holding your Power in Difficult Situations (working with difficult people)
  • Using your emotions as guideposts (includes assessment)
  • Conflict management (includes assessment


Leadership Development Assessments

Description: Assessments which are valid and reliable and provide indications of our leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, change and communication styles can be invaluable in developing leadership skills and becoming aware of our blind spots as leaders. They can also serve as a springboard for individual and group coaching. Each of the following assessments are available either individually, for a department, or throughout the entire organization.  Assessments are accompanied by one-hour coaching sessions to highlight strengths and blind spots for each individual leader.  Three hundred and sixty degree assessments (feedback from supervisors, peers and direct reports) requires a two-hour feedback session. 

Following are the areas of assessments we offer:

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis measures 22 leadership competencies in comparison to normative data. Also offers a 360-degree leadership analysis, which provides feedback from supervisors, peers and direct reports.  Often essential for finding out “blind spots” which helps leaders to hone their leadership skills to provide coaching and leadership development for their respective departments.  Also asks customized open-ended questions to identify strengths and weaknesses unique to each particular organization. Available online as an individual assessment and 360.

Emotional Intelligence (EQI-2.0) measures your ability to use your emotions as guideposts to evaluate your decisions and choices and also to determine how to influence others. Available online as an individual assessment and/or 360.

DiSC Profile measures your communication/leadership styles and also provides tools to identify the leadership and communication styles of others.  Available online, individual assessment only. Can be used also for teambuilding.

Change Quotient (CQ)  Measures your change leadership style and provides feedback and strategies on how to become a more effective change leader.  Available online, individual assessment only. Can also be used to measure team effectiveness. 

Other assessments in the areas of Personal Power, Conflict Management Styles, Individual Motivators, etc. are available upon request and are selected specifically based on the clients needs.

Building a Diversity and
Leadership Academy

Description: We believe that diversity and leadership go hand-in-hand and that both must be components of building leaders of the future. 

We anticipate that the purpose of this academy is as follows:

  • To support the ongoing strategy and exponential success of the organization and its stakeholders, leaders and employees.
  • To prepare the organization for developing “leaders of the future.”
  • To identify and develop all high potential leaders, middle managers and individual contributors to enable their growth in leadership and diversity and their potential as top leaders in their respective industry.
  • To uncover the “quietly competent” and often overlooked hidden gems and superstars in the organization, who may feel they don’t “fit in” or have a “voice” in the organization or who are “not seen” by others in the organization.
  • To level the playing field for all to lead and take charge of their own leadership development plan and careers as leaders.
Group Leadership Program

Individuals will be selected for the Diversity Leadership Academy for high Potential Leaders based on criteria developed by the organization and in support of their strategic and diversity objectives (e.g. hi potentials, hidden gems, quietly competent, emerging leaders, self-nominations).  We can begin with one person as a pilot, and then evaluate the program and develop it for a cohort of six to eight high potential leaders.  Note that the individual program does not have a classroom component and includes leadership assessment, an action learning project and coaching.


  • Identification of leadership and/or diversity competency model
  • Criteria development and selection of initial cohort
  • Solicitation of action learning projects
  • Review of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and organizational strategy to incorporate objectives into program
  • Selection of leadership and developmental assessments
  • Design of six-week virtual classroom program for a cohort of six to eight (10 days):
  • Leadership competencies to be emphasized
  • Program learning objectives
  • Selection criteria for participants
  • Leadership assessments
  • Program readings, exercises, homework and virtual classroom topics
  • Six weeks of virtual classroom material and interactive exercises (six hours of classroom and 45 minutes of questions)
  • Action leadership project development
  • Virtual Program Delivery (1.5 hours program for six weeks; one hour per week for questions, homework, sending out materials)
  • Coaching for leaders* (assessments, 8 hours of coaching, assessment feedback and development of SMART goals) and materials, and individual feedback on Action Learning Projects.
  • Evaluating our results (1 day)


*Provides “on demand” access to the coach, subject to availability, a Leadership Academy specifically designed for your leadership competencies, Action Learning Projects, sponsorship program (optional), leadership assessments, SMART goals and individual coaching.


Timeframe: approximately two to 10 months

Individual Leadership Program for High Potentials

Description: Individuals will be selected for the Diversity Leadership Academy for high Potential Leaders based on criteria developed by the organization and in support of their strategic and diversity objectives (e.g. hi potentials, hidden gems, quietly competent, emerging leaders, self-nominations). The individual program will include a leadership assessment, action learning project, coaching, a project sponsor and SMART goals for leadership development.


Anticipated timeframe:  six months

Quick “Jump Start” Culture Assessment for New Leaders

Description:  Whether an executive leader in a new organization, promoted to executive leadership or managing a new team, our “new leader jump start” process helps leaders to rapidly get acquainted with the culture, and strengths and weaknesses of the new organization and/or team.  Our process involves in-depth confidential interviews with team members and a department analysis to identify strengths and opportunities, and future directions for team members.

Inclusive Excellence Scorecard, diversity survey and workplace analysis

Description:  We conduct a DEI audit of your organization to determine areas of strength and opportunities for innovation.  The audit can be a quick review, interviews and a checklist of best practices, vs. a more extensive workforce analysis, sourcing, recruitment, retention, promotion, succession, rewards and leadership development of high potentials. Other offerings include workforce analytics, and a DEI culture survey.

Leadership Speeches

Description:  Dr. Liang’s speeches are inspirational and motivational. She has spoken on the following topics:

  • From Peppermint Patti to Priscilla the Hun: Finding and Accessing your Personal Power
  • Executive Presence
  • Leadership Competencies for Diverse Emerging Leaders
  • Coaching as a Change Agent for Your Organization
  • Change Leadership Style and Motivating Your Team for Excellent
  • Resilience, Grit, Adaptability and Flexibility